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Our company respectful local values; while fulfilling the requirements of open national and international law on universal values,

We are targeting to make customer happiness continuous by facilitating the lives of consumers with our products. Aims to continuously improve the employees themselves with production technique and technology.

We are waiting for all employees to react at the highest level in all these kinds of discrimination, forced labor and employment of child workers.

We will be the protector of the health and safety of our employees during the production stage. We will spend a lot of effort to minimize work accidents and occupational diseases by saying everything for people.

We will guarantee that our employees are right to make freedom of association and collective agreement.

Nature isn’t a material to eat up; we see it as a heritage to be protected, developed and left to future generations.

In this direction we will strive to reduce environmental pollution every day and look for ways to use resources efficiently.

Bribery and corruption will not be allowed in company activities and employees will not be forgiven.



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